Re-Engineering | Engineering Education

Our mission is to provide a unique, successful, win-win relationship between academics and industry


  • Embedded in Embedded

    (EiE) is an extracurricular initiative at post-secondary engineering schools that delivers dynamic and relevant hands-on embedded systems training from an industry perspective. It is not an accredited course, nor does it replace core curriculum courses. It’s a certificate program designed to complement embedded systems courses and bridge the gap between application and theory. Learning can be fun and we do it by challenging and actively involving students in putting what they’ve learned into action.


  • Bridging the gap between academia and industry

    Jason Long, CEO of Engenuics Technologies Inc. is the creative engineer behind EiE. While completing his undergrad in electrical engineering, Jason discovered a significant piece was missing from his education: a lack of practical skill development. The emphasis on theory is invaluable; however without the ability to apply theory to practical use an immense gap is created between education and industry. Only 39% of employers believe that grads are very or completely prepared for a job in their field of study [1]. This inspired Jason to create an opportunity that would support a well-rounded engineering education to prepare students for success and ensuring wider career options. While in his 3rd year of study, he started an extracurricular program to pursue his developing passion for microprocessors. The group was simply called “MPG” for Microprocessor Group, and the journey began.