EiE and Industry Companies


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EiE and your Organization

EiE helps companies connect to exceptional new talent by building relationships over nearly four years. The program strongly addresses industry’s need for students to have more practical technical skills, are better communicators, and who can start contributing faster. Engaging your current employees in EiE is also a massively positive experience. We’ve be proving it for over 15 years.

Becoming an EiE industry Member or Partner immediately brings your organization into an ecosystem that is growing across North America, China, and Europe. For a cost that is on par with just a few generic job ads, you not only get substantially more value, but you also contribute to the growth of our industry.


Both Members and Partners receive the following benefits:

  • Full read and write access to the EiE job board.
  • Access to volunteering at any EiE location.
  • Recognition at all local EiE events.
  • Company logo and bio on the EiE Member’s webpage.
  • Annual report which includes full disclosure of the EiE operating budget, revenues and expenses.


Partners not only receive the benefits of the Members, they also receive exclusive recognition in the global ecosystem:

  • Partner’s approved logo on all production runs of EiE ASCII development boards.
  • Partner’s approved logo in all areas where EiE Partnerships are recognized.
  • Dedicated profile page on the EiE website.
  • Recognition at all EiE events in all parts of the world where the EiE program is active.
  • Partner’s approved logo on the EiE participant bursary award novelty cheques.
  • Customized referrals of top students from the EiE network.
  • Optional development of an EiE course module featuring the Partner’s proprietary technology or requested content.
  • Prioritized EiE program development in city of choice.

Members may join at any time. The deadline for Partner commitment is June 1 every calendar year.


The total annual cost of EiE at each location is just $15,000. Embedded in Embedded (EiE) connects with industry companies who provide the funding resources to enable the program to function. An EiE Member pays just $1,500 per year. An industry Partner contributes $15,000 per year. Both require a minimum 3 year commitment.

Funding is primarily used to cover the cost of employing an EiE Leader at each participating school. Funding also facilitates the bursary program and guest events, and purchases and maintains equipment in the lab. Partner support is also used to grow EiE to new cities.

Note: dollar amounts are in local currency (US dollars for organizations in the USA, Canadian dollars for organizations in Canada).