EiE Leaders

Every school that hosts the EiE program will have a dedicated leader who is a Masters or Ph.D student hired for about 10 hours per week for 20 weeks across two academic terms. The EiE leader is the liaison to the department and will be responsible for promoting the program to students and running the weekly EiE program. The leader will also be the main point of contact to local industry. The leader can run competitions locally or with other EiE schools, and hosts the year-end open house including selecting the bursary winner. The diversity in this role and the experience and opportunities that it will provide might make it the best job in world.

When a leader is hired, he or she is given an intensive two-week, in-person, train-the-trainer course. The training is designed to:
– Create a fun way to learn and feel comfortable with administering and delivering the program
– Learn to communicate with and organize students
– Network with peers and build industry relationships

Leaders are not compensated directly for this training, but travel expenses are reimbursed and the course fee is covered – roughly $6000 in value in exchange for 10 days of time. If a leader extends to additional years, the training costs are applied to the Leader’s compensation instead.

The level of commitment allows the leader to remain focused on their education while teaching and reinforcing the technical knowledge in EiE. The program Leaders foster trusting relationships with the students and local industry that result in exponential personal and professional growth.