Embedded Hardware


The best way to learn how to do schematic capture and PCB layout using an industry-grade tool! This is a free, self-directed tutorial for students and hobbyists. It includes details on how to get a free Altium trial version, and step-by-step instructions to order your finished PCB for about $5! ORDER THE PARTS KIT to populate the board, and you’ll be up and running with an impressive new set of skills for under $20 and about a day of your time.

The course content takes you step-by-step through the design of the “Blinky” – a low-cost LED blinking ornament that you can even customize with any color combination of 8 LEDs. The design starts from a completely blank project and takes you all the way through the schematic capture, footprint creation, PCB layout and routing. It even shows you how to order the PCB from a few different vendors.

There are over a hundred pages of notes in this tutorial. This is an ESSENTIAL exercise to work through to start growing the incredibly important skill set of designing your own hardware.

To get started, unzip the package below and open up the notes.