Welcome to Embedded in Embedded!

EiE is a mentoring program for university engineering students that was started in 2002 at the University of Calgary. The program connects industry engineers with students interested in embedded systems. Together they explore the practical, hands-on technical side of embedded development while building great relationships.

EiE Content

The EiE curriculum provides end-to-end coverage of embedded systems design from hardware selection through to application development. The “low level” hardware and firmware is described in our text book, “Embedded in Embedded: ARM Cortex-M Embedded Design from 0 to 1” available from Elektor International Media. The online content builds on the firmware system from the book to use the firmware API to build applications.


Mentors are invaluable. Think of any situation where you are trying to learn on you own and how helpful it is to have someone with experience guide you. In a world of work-from-home and every-person-for-themselves, connecting with mentors becomes more important than ever. The best part is that Mentors gain just as much from teaching as mentees gain from learning. The EiE program is built around mentorship, and has reached over 2000 students and industry members since the program started in 2002.

Camp enGenius

In 2018, the EiE program expanded to reach out to youths aged 10-15 with engaging, week-long STEM-based summer camps. The best of the best EiE university students were offered positions as camp leaders and content developers. The mentees became the mentors, and we had incredible success during the summers of 2018 and 2019. Now that life is somewhat back to normal after certain global pandemics, we hope to bring back Camp enGenius in summer 2024. We also hope that some of our older camp students will come back to help run Camp enGenius as summer work or volunteer positions. Interested? Please reach out to eie@embeddedinembedded.com