University Partners

One of the keys to every instance of EiE is a post-secondary educational institution that sees the value of welcoming in the EiE program. We are happy to work with any public or private college, university, or technical institute.

EiE requires no cash from schools and is free for students. EiE even creates a job for a graduate student as the EiE Leader at each school. We think that is pretty amazing, and it is possible thanks to the strong foundation of the program. The small annual cost of EiE is funded from our partners and member companies. The school only needs to allocate a computer lab for the program. The one-time lab capital cost is covered by the program budget and enhances a space not just for EiE, but for all students to use. Most importantly the program brings in people, many of whom will be alumni of the school who can now come full circle in the educational experience.

EiE is not a complicated partnership involving politics or money. It is a mutually beneficial relationship with as much or as little involvement as the school wants. Your endorsement and support helps us grow and be better every year. The opportunities are endless. The value is infinite.